Copy Club

Copy Club is the moniker of Sheffield based independent copywriter, Nicola Mellor. At the start of 2018, CC got in touch in search of fun branding which encapsulated the vibe of the future business.

“I’m obsessed with playing with words and with weaving a sentence into something fun, creative, beautiful and most importantly, relatable; something that strikes a chord with the reader and resonates on a deeper level.”

Copy Club aims to form a collective of talented folk who offer their services under the brand; it aims to be a sunny place on the internet, where the team offer up new ways of thinking and the possibility of the clients to become unashamedly ‘them’ through copy, tone and perfectly selected lexicon. Copy is fun, spirited and positive – we positioned Copy Club as exactly that; far from any stuffy and dated perceptions. We used playful jumbled letters and a curling C, woven through the O to tell Nicola’s story of how she loves to play with words and create something fun, beautiful and alive. Whilst the stickers, notebooks and badges create the idea of team and collective.