Current Muse: Floral

Newsflash – I haven’t always been a flower lover. In fact, I used to be categorically anti flower. How times have changed. Maybe it’s my pending age. (30, she’s coming.) Flowers are my new love – I love having them around, and I LOVE stashing photos and styling of them too. (I recently signed a flower brand too, what a dream!)

An ambition fo 2020 is photograph flowers more often, I know it’s random, but I do believe life should be about doing the things you want to do, not always have to. It should be about surrounding your space with joyful and beautiful things. I have fluctuating tastes and plans – as designers we are naturally inclined to — and have the need to try / explore all sorts of things for fear of being bored of the same same.

I want to experiment with floral compositions, lighting, shadow, backdrops and props. Just for fun for now. Maybe I’ll create a book, or maybe some prints. Or maybe nothing at all. Here’s a selection of floral reference that I’m pinning right now. I’d love to know what you’re infatuated with right now – pop me a message here or reply to the email you just recieved.

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