Sew What

Anita is the founder of Sew What, based in Manchester; the business moniker given to the platform which offers education, styling, consultancy and custom pieces – it’s all about making fashion sustainable with a focus on styling slow fashion pieces, or bring to life second hand/vintage gems.

The amazing thing about being part of groups like The Coven beyond the education and community building) is the fact that it connects you with like minded women; Anita and I were Coven cohorts at the same time and as a result we connected and worked together to bring Sew What to life.

The identity needed to capture elements of Anita’s love of vintage without focussing on a specific era per se – we explored elements of the 20s and 70’s as reference – but as contemporary take. We were keen to make sure this wasn’t a vintage brand (in the same way Olive and Olde’s was not a classic vintage brand) But it evoked that feeling in a subtle way.

Juicy serifs and flowing shapes are used with an extended typeface. Warm coral, mustard and dusky blue give the identity a cohesive and gentle era bias. The feel really sings and comes to life when Anita uses her social media graphics on instagram – this is truly when the whole vibe comes together. (I would highly recommend that all small businesses invest in this brand extra, beyond the identity or packaging design.) Since handover, Anita has also brought the assets to life on her website (check out that favicon!) its so gorgeous to see everything come together as one.