Gratitude in Business

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When I was planning what to talk about, my go to newsletter topics were the usual suspects: 
💫 How to raise your rates as an independent designer
💫 How packaging design helps you to serve ecommerce clients 
💫 My take on process and revisions when working with clients

(Can you see a theme?!) But!

I realised I wanted to talk about something else – an unspoken side of my business (and life, really. the lines are blurred 😅) that I utilise daily – a top tip… if you will that I never really share. I want to take a moment to step down from the usual value packed content and tell you why a daily gratitude practice, should in fact be the first next thing you implement into life and business.

Not, in fact, a process or principle.
Not a technique to attract clients and deliver value.
Not something based on seeking, doing, striving for better or more.

But instead, the simple of act of giving thanks for the opportunities and experiences we have before us right now.
I’ve been into meditation, LOA, crystals, mindfulness, positive thinking, Source, et al, since around 2007, aged 17, wayyyyy before it became trendy. In fact, it was a little unusual back then.

I rarely share this side of how I do what I do – perhaps I take it for granted. Perhaps I assume that everyone’s already doing it? Daily gratitude practice for me, involves writing a list of things I’m thankful to be learning, experiencing and doing in a morning, and before bed. I take moments during the day (unplanned as it’s now a habitual thing) to take stock on where I am, what I’ve learnt and to simmer on how AMAZING it is to be able to choose this life, every. single. day. I inhale the GOOD THINGS before me, remember that challenges are lessons along the way. Then smile.

This simple act of being thankful for the present, with the knowing that whatever you envision is possible makes this wild ride called business seem easy – in my opinion. Or easier, at least. Which is why I recommend putting a daily gratitude habit to the top of your priority list. I believe THIS is what will help you prosper and grow. This is what will encourage you to look in, learn about yourself, understand your true value and uniqueness in the world, and you’ll begin to see the next steps to take.
Whatever you feel on the inside, will be experienced on the outside.
This is the way. (Anybody else a Mandalorian fan?!)

And while I’m here, on the topic of thank-yous, I wanted to thank you for being here and for continuing to open my sporadic emails, for the DM chats, for cheerleading from afar, for listening to my random instagram things…. I see you and I TRULY appreciate you!

so, why not start now, what are you grateful for?
Until next time, team,

Laura x

gratitude in business