Olive & Olde’s

Olive and Olde’s – formally known as Olde’s General Store approached me back in 2018. (At the time I was still working at Tonik) They needed help with their rebrand and packaging design. The family run business is based in Denver, and at the time, their focus was on sourcing and selling vintage goods, with a unique story to tell. Their tagline with this in mind was ‘Vintage that doesn’t stink.’

This tagline coupled with the new product line brought the story full circle; the new line was to include linen sprays and warming oils, made up of aromas and scents that each held a special meaning to Megan and Dylan. We knew the packaging design needed to be expressive and colourful. It needed to evoke the sense of time and place – Megan and Dylan are homebodies at heart and love to create warm and welcoming spaces. We wanted to play on the idea of returning home – where your favourite scent lives. A place where family, friends and memories play together.

Through the process, we developed the secondary logo mark featuring the face that we now call Olive . The name Olive & Olde’s developed organically to align with the heart of this transition. Through the packaging design process we looked at varying levels of pattern and strength – the visuals didn’t want to feel apologetic or classicly “vintage.” (Click here to see some unused concept work.) It’s easy to think of vintage and imagine flowers and scrolls and chintz – this was not Olive and Olde’s at all. We aimed to do vintage in a new way.

Beyond the original project, Olive and Olde’s went on to launch their custom site with a product line that evolved to include cushions, in line with their ‘soft place to land’ belief. Olive and Olde’s are still a client almost 2 years later – we’re still working on evolving and growing the brand assets and messaging as the brand moves into a new season.

Olive & Olde's packaging design for linen sprays
Olive & Olde's brand design
Olive & Olde's pattern design
Olive & Olde's pattern design