Ankor Jewellery


Ankor; the jewellery brand devoting it’s presence to pearls with purpose. Founded by Kennedy in Alabama, US, this brand is fuelled by heart, story and purpose like no other. Inspired by her daughter and motivated by her past experiences, Kennedy looks to offer pearl jewellery filled with intention; a reminder at any moment that our trials forge our strength.

“Everyone in life experiences a trial at some point. I want our collection pieces to high quality, but wearable enough for everyday! Shower and sleep in them. These pieces should be worn daily to remind us that our darkest nights lay way for the brightest dawns. The story of the pearl, and its oyster, is a beautiful story. This collection piece is our “anchor”. It reminds us not to forget our trial because it’s purpose is to make us stronger. It reminds us to remember those that have “anchored” us. That have stood by us in times of need. Our faith, family, and friends.”

Each purchase gives back to a select charity per month whilst the brand encourages the sharing of stories and strength to build a heart led and purpose filled community.

We aimed for a classic look and feel, with subtle details inspired by the texture and shape of the pearls and their inherent imperfections. Playing on the idea of light and dark; the contrast between challenges and the light of faith; a monochrome palette speaks to this idea. Strength was our everlasting message; it’s easy for jewellery brands to feel frivolous and transient – however we wanted to create something timeless, brave and contemporary.

Jewellery brand packaging design
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Jewellery brand packaging design for Ankor