Long ago, our ancestors found healing, answers, and spirituality through plant magic and the power of dreams.

Today, Despierta returns this magic to you every day, by offering intentional herbal and floral oneirogenic blends that naturally influence dream exploration and support you on your spiritual journey. As you begin to awaken and become more attuned with your Self & your dreams, you’ll also awaken your connection to Mother Nature and the gifts that serve as tools to guide you on your path.

This is one step towards awakening and altering your reality.

The magic of mysticism is brought to life via a pack design which tells the story of transformation, the journey and exploration through the astral realm. We ask our customer envision themselves and their dreams via the illustrations; crafted with spiritual symbolism. Each pack creates a unique journey or landscape; relating to the use of the product and the experience it delivers.

All photos were shot by the magical Stephen Gaitan and the brand is the creation of Dulce Ruby. check our the Despierta website  – also created by us – here.

Packaging Design