Flowerbean is an online mental health awareness platform and shop, which also sells brand flowers and coffee. It aims to inspire others, bring awareness and create change via it’s online presence and community. It will encourage connection, hope and open dialogue through the medium of good coffee and beautiful flowers; the brand aims to touch the lives of people all over the world, and become the known platform for tackling mental health in a different and unique way.

Founder, Zená, wanted to elevate flowers and coffee, to provide a fresh new way of opening up conversations about mental health; to use them as a vehicle to share the Flowerbean message. Good coffee and beautiful bouquets never fail to provide a simple moment of joy and positivity. The website encourages visitors to gift a moment to others, share stories of strength and growth and donate to chosen causes.

Flowerbean wanted to appear strong and vibrant, bold yet soft. Bold typography with custom letterforms is balanced with vibrant colours with a hint of soft pastel and a nod to floral details. A collage feel is added into the website imagery, to evoke the feeling of stories and fluidity. We didn’t want Flowerbean to feel like a typical ‘health’ platform, instead to feel more lifestyle and product focused. This is a brand with a strong point of view, one that faces mental health with a sense of power and grace.