Foodbaby supports couples during their TTC journey so they can learn more about healthy informed pregnancies via a new evidence based platform. This TTC brand will be a step forward from the fem-tech apps and devices which focus on cycle tracking alone, with this in mind, Foodbaby needed branding and a visual identity to stand out in the TTC world.

Foodbaby offers an evidenced-based personalised lifestyle app designed for fertility. Via consults with experts, and personalised food and nutrition guidance and weekly reporting; it puts the science of fertility and personalised education into the palm of their hands.

It was important that the Foodbaby identity didn’t feel *too* pink. No flowers or whooshy pink shapes – instead we considered the building blocks of fertility. Fertility isn’t just about ovulation tracking and body temperature; for each couple it is very different. It encompasses lifestyle choices including diet and exercise as well as mental health. The shapes add a lighter side to a subject that is serious and considered, reminiscent of children’s play. A reminder that there is joy through the journey.

The palette does feature pink, a reminder of the softness and femininity of the subject, however handled in a way that allows Foodbaby not to be remembered as pink alone. There’s a naivety in the colours; offset with the strength of the Foodbaby wordmark (a customised Dia) and the sparring of black and grey. As part of this project, we looked at the app screen and website mock-ups; the below visualisations are conceptual only.

TTC Brand logo
TTC Brand business card design
TTC Brand app design
Instagram story graphics
App screen design and graphics
TTC Brand web design
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