ilo women


Ilo womxn is the revolutionary self love and organic tampon brand; a subscription based direct-to-consumer ecommerce product; ilo set out to change the conversation about periods. Inspired by her daughter, and driven by the need to create a cleaner, safer and more transparent sanitary care world for when she grows older, ilo’s founder, Jette set out to change the conversation about periods.
The tampons are made from organic cotton and are free from chemicals and toxins. It’s a little known fact that there are no regulations when it comes to the materials used in tampons and pads. Our Kind knows that sustainable credentials don’t immediately require Kraft stock, green washing and a worthy approach. Instead ilo is bold, bright and alive. The pattern based on natural forms mimics the form and fluidity of the female form, the sentiments mirrored in the ilo lady illustrations (of which there are over 52.)
Meanwhile, we also created the #iloiam message structure and hashtag; a call to action to inspire womxn to boldly and bravely tell the world what they stand for and believe in; a movement that began on instagram and is carried over into pack. This project included the packaging design for tampons and pads, the starter kit, the illustrations (shown on the tarot deck of around 70 cards) and social media graphics.
Oraganic Tampons box packaging design.
Tarot card design and packaging design.
Tote bag and packaging design.
Pouch design and packaging design.
Oraganic Tampons box packaging design.