Sew What Concept

As you all know, we love to show art least 2 concepts to the client; to help navigate the direction the brand should take. Many designers go hard on the single concept approach; but we () prefer to work on many, and pull the strongest together for discussion.

This allows for more creative freedom and gives us the chance to explore new ideas that may be more challenging, rather than taking the easy route. It means we can dial up certain aspects, or dial down others. My illustrator files often contain WAY more than 3 ‘ideas’ too. And sometimes it’s just better to have less restrictions, you know.

Anita from @sewwhatmcr wanted her identity to be reflective of her love of the 70s, but not too much (Sew What doesn’t solely work in this era, but I’ll reserve the full explanation of what the brand does for the final portfolio piece, if thats ok?) Through the concepts, we explored levels of seventies-ness, working with a classic colour palette that ranged from those dusky blues, browns, corals and mustards throughout.

The direction that Anita has chosen is a little more fun and sassy. Lighter and brighter, more reflective of Anita’s personality and her taste. I’ll be sharing this for realsies as soon as she’s printed and ship shape. But for now, take a peek at what didn’t make the cut.