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This course is created to help brand designers like you feel confident AF when you’re selling and working on stand-out packaging projects; so that you can attract bigger budget clients who want your cherry-on-top brand-packaging prowess.


I created this course to help brand designers like you, integrate packaging design into your service ladder; by teaching you my end-to-end process and tips to think differently along the way.

Hi Team, I’m Laura

I have over 8 years of agency experience; having worked for boutique agencies, big brand, FMCG names and startups alike.

I’m sharing my unique blend of experience combined with my inability to do things “the way it’s done.” My dream is to encourage designers to think bolder and avoid the sea of same.

I left my final agency job in 2018. I was frustrated to see the independent designers I saw on instagram merging into one cookie cutter approach. Everything looked alike and I didn’t fit in.

I knew I had to carve my own path and do things my way; I’ve been booked out back to back with happy clients ever since.


Had confidence in packaging process at every step.

Knew exactly what to present, how and when.

Felt good talking about the in & outs.

Confidently used differentiation in every single project.

Didn't need to guess because you had a playbook beside you.

Would your packaging projects feel…

Easier? More Efficient? More Profitable?
More Exciting? Less Daunting? Shareworthy?


1 The Setup 
The Enquiry
Project Management Tools

2 Discovery
What is a workshop?
Client Supply

3 Strategy Basics
Intro to Strategy
Market Tools
Sea of Same
Shelf Study
Competitor Study
Neighbour Categories
Dated, Dominant, Emergent
Positioning Axis
Visual Planning

4 Theory
Language Warm Up
Ranges & Variants
Flavour Profiles
Shelf Blocking
Category Cues

5 Design & Process
Intro to Concept Stage
Format First
Preparing to Design
Capturing Ideas
Mockups & Prototypes
Materials & Finishes
Concept Presentation
Next Steps

6 Concept to Cutter
Anatomy of a Cutterguide
Cutterguide First Checks
Cutterguide Layers
Cutterguide Add Bleed
What about labels?
What is bop?
Safe Space
Ingredients & Allergens
Net Weight
Best Before End
Nutritional Tables
Next Steps

7 Artwork & Handover
What is Artworking?
Creating Match Tos
Adding Spot Colours
Adding Specials
Designer’s Spec Swatch
Cutterguide swatches
Artwork Checklist
File Delivery

Self-led video and audio recorded lecture style lessons with materials, walkthroughs and reference. (With recap Quiz.)

Private Slack Space for community vibes, kind-critique and cheerleader accountability. (Facebook isn’t right for us.)

Q&A with me inside the group – expect voice notes and weekly checkins as a minimum. (Don’t be surprised if I ask you to hop on a call.)

Packaging Design Brief to practice while you learn. (Optional, you decide.)

Bonus Strategy lesson with Megan Raynor.Strategy for Designers. 

Bonus Pinterest Q&A with Emmy Jones. Strategy for Designers

Bonus Shopify lesson with Morgan Rap. Shopify for Designers.

12 months course and Slack access.

moodboard scene

My processes and ways of thinking that you cannot find on google.

Content unique to my experience and perspective.


I take my clients on a journey.

with feedback like this:

✴︎You prefer design that’s weird and wonderful and zigs where others zag.

✴︎You’re a brand and packaging designer; you want to level up or refresh.

✴︎Packaging projects feel daunting and the moving parts give you the ick.

✴︎You want to create work that feels new, fresh and exciting but you often get caught in the trap of the same-same.

✴︎You’re a design student or graduate who wants to learn packaging with me, without a degree (or the fee.)

✴︎You’re a brand designer looking to review processes and learn skills to line your back pocket.

✴︎You want to know how to set up packaging projects, start to finish. Straight in, straight up.


 If you answered yes and you’re still here; this course is for you.



Do I need packaging experience?
Not at all! Some students have packaging experience and are here to refine their process and learn from someone else, whereas some students are starting as complete beginners. As long as you have brand and graphic design experience, that’s all you need!

Do I have to complete the course in a certain order? 
No,  you can open any module and any time and you do not have to “pass” a module to move on. 

Will there be live calls? 
I haven’t planned any official live calls however we will be chatting in Slack. If there’s something that comes up for you or for the group, I won’t hesitate to ask you jump on a call. I’m super call-first when it comes to making things clear.


How long will the course take to complete?
The content is self paced so you can go as quickly or as slowly as you want. There are 7 modules, some are more lecture based whereas others are more practical. It all depends on your learning style and other commitments.

For how long will I have access?
The content will be available for 12 months to encourage you to get a wiggle on, whilst the Slack will be available during this time.

Is there a workbook?
}I’m not a massive fan of courses built on workbooks alone; I personally prefer a blend of audio, visual and lecture style learning plus a practical element. There will be a pop-quiz style workbook for each module. I would always recommend writing your own notes.


dull is not in your dna ☺︎

Any questions? Get in touch: laura@our-kind.studio

Free Packaging Mock-up

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