Typewolf Site of the Day

I’m super proud to see Our Kind featured as Typewolf’s site of the day!

Those of you who know me are aware of the agony I went through with fonts and decision making. You may have noticed Agrandir in there at one time – I needed to push the site live and live with it a minute to see the wood for the trees. This was one of my hardest and longest projects to date. It turns out I like absolutely everything, colours, type, site things.. but this makes it such a struggle. We need to design for our customers not for ourselves.

As a designer, I work through this every day for my clients. But for myself? Impossible.

I doubt I’ll design for myself in the future. In the end, I committed to Editorial New, after much back and forth about it’s suitability. Was it too off-putting to my clients? Would they get it? Should I use something more everyday? Is it too weird? Is it even weird at all?! 

Once I committed, I knew it was right. 
I’m so glad I *finally* did.

Typewolf webpage screenshot