As brands and business owners, we have the power and privilege to make better happen.

Together we’re united by the need to do things our way. We demand more for our brands than the same-same.

I want to create a world where there’s no such thing as ‘this is how it is.' I left a background in both big and boutique agencies to found Our Kind; a boutique remote and strategic studio with new thinking at its core.

Through conversation, education, agile collaboration, open book process and a mind that only thinks differently, together we step away from the comforts of safe. We don't do different for different sake. It's the only way we know how.

Collectively, we place collaboration, kindness, curiosity and out-of-comfort thinking at the centre of what we do. Pushback and weirdness are welcomed with open arms, in equal measure. Why? Because your brand deserves more than being part of the wallpaper.

Studio workspace with desk

If you're looking for a transaction, this isn't for you. I trade in transformations only.

I'll help you confidently launch with a beautiful brand that says only the right things to the right people

let's build a brand


I deliver a boutique studio experience with a focus on strategic brand creation and design. I’ll help you discover *your kind* and create your unique story, so your brand says the right things to the right people. We’ll work collaboratively; with chats on the regular: my process is all about the journey. I’ll be right by your side throughout. Sound ok?