Strategic brand creation, packaging design and brand coaching for bold CEOS.

As a remote agency we work 1:1 with better brands to craft unique positioning to help them stand out from the same-same.


Our clients are bold business builders.

We help start-ups and established brands in the health, beauty and wellness industries say the right things to the right people.
Through our 1:1, journey led, strategic process, we create people-powered brand-first packaging experiences, without the cookie-cutter approach.

An experienced brand and packaging specialist with a passion for brand creation, creative direction and 1:1 consultancy.

Currently working with future thinking start ups, brand builders and entrepreneurs, who refuse brand-bland across the globe.
Together we turn seedling ideas into launch ready better brands and businesses that stand out from the same-same through our guided journey approach.

work together

Brand Clarity Sessions

The Session: a 2 hour 1:1 call designed to help you uncover your brand’s story and create clarity amongst the chaos. You’ll be in in conversation with Laura whilst you weave through the threads and pull on key tools to workshop it out as a team.


Brand Ideation

Brand strategy is your plan of action. We take you and your brand on the journey from a thread of an idea to crystal clear certainty. Brand strategy provides the roadmap, so that we know what route to take; from here we’re in the best place to design a brand, product and packaging that says the right things to the right people. 

Proposal on request.

Brand Design + Packaging

Brand first packaging design that stands out from the same-same and doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter approach is our specialism. Work with us to bring the primary manifestation of your brand (the product) to life through aligned and strategic visual design.

Proposal on request.


Our clients create brands of the future with passion and personality at the core.

You need help weaving the threads into a commercially cohesive brand. You are looking for a brand partner experience, a journey, not a transaction. You don’t want a freelancer or quick logo project. You want to dig deeper and create a brand that says the right things to the right people. You’re not looking for a brand that looks exactly like the rest.


Our Kind: The Brand Studio by Laura Evans


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