We work with ecommerce startups & established brands who don’t want to look like everyone else.


Through our journey style process, we turn your product idea into a brand – one that will say the right things to the right people.

Mood oils packaging Design

Idea first; story driven brand creation and coaching.

Packaging design is significantly more than a logo on a box – we work from an idea led, conceptual approach to create brand-first packaging design.
We start with your key message, story and need states to create unique packaging and brand positioning that speaks to the right people. We don’t apply visual identities to boxes.

Brand strategy roadmaps and clarity sessions to bring meaning to your investment.

We strongly believe that all brands require strategic thinking to create strong brand foundations. When considered alongside business goals, design is a visual strategic tool.
Brand Strategy take this a step beyond the visual, into a lifelong plan for the brand as a business.

An open book process, with 3 flexible stages.We do things differently.

We have a structured and organised project process to take our team (you included) from A-B. However, unlike most, we work to an open book process, choosing to loop you in often and regularly, with a high touch, warm experience.

We work through stages of idea-crafting, coupled with strategic, business minded decision making. We don’t work to a revision model.

Our Kind: The Brand Studio by Laura Evans


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